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With innovation design of dual ballscrew with driven nut,Ezletter MD-ATC series CNC router has high precision,high speed and high stability.
Base Frame
1.The gantry is made of a 200mm x 300mm steel tube that has internal stiffeners. The gantries are welded, stressrelieved, and precision machined. The gantry has been engineered to provide a smooth, vibration free cut.
2.The base frame is a one piece tubular steel frame that is welded, stress relieved, and machined. One piece construction allows for a very accurate and smooth cutting system. It also greatly reduces the amount of time need for installation and basically removes the possibility for installation errors that could effect the performance and accuracy of the system.
3.Fixed table and moving gantry design.
Dual Ballscrew with Driven Nut
Dual Ballscrew with Driven Nut in X-Axis.
Ballscrew with Driven Nut in Y-Axis.
Standard Feature
Linear Bearings and Ball Screw
25 mm ball linear bearing profile rails
High rigidity and top load capacities in all load directions.
Lowest possible noise level and best running characteristics.
High torque load capacity.
Z axis Ball Screw Assembly
The 25mm ball screw is supported by precision dual angular contact ball bearings in a steel housing.The servo motor with brake system link to ballscrew by a R+W couple from Germany.
AC Digital Servo Drives
Yaskawa Sigma servo amplifiers have all-digital architecture with 32-bit microprocessor logic, high speed ASIC current-loop control, and IGBT power sections. These drives seamlessly integrate position, velocity, and torque loops to provide uncompromised
tracking accuracy, smoothness and reliability.
Auto Tool Changer
The MD-ATC series machine is available with an optional 4-6 position linera tool changer. All ATC systems come standard with Automatic Tool Calibration and the tool change routines are built into the controls simplifying integration to your favorite CAM software. An Automatic Tool Change solution will help you reduce job times, improve accuracy, and reduce setup errors. 
Spindle System
1.Adopt in YASKAWA Inverter
2.HSD ATC Spindle
FAGOR 8055 Control System
Multiple Home Offsets and rapid set zero surface
Linear, circular, helical
Tangential control
Tool length and radius
Tool path
3D simultaneous views (with depth simulation)
Operation related
Simulation with execution time estimate
Look-ahead of N blocks to avoid tool collision
Programming related functions
Feedrate as an inverted function of time
Profile editor
Communications related functions
Ethernet TCP-IP protocol.
Opto-coupled RS-232 serial line (115,200 baud).
DNC (DNC communications)
Compact flash of up to 2 Gb with flash memory to store user programs, OEM programs, PLC programs,customizing programs, parameter tables, etc.
Gantry Axis
The 8055 CNC can govern up to 7 axes and 2 spindles.Block processing time of 1.5 ms may be obtained with it,it analyzes the tool path 75 blocks in advance (look ahead) and it allows smoothening the tool path by applying the right acceleration control (Jerk control).


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