Multipurpose Color & Glue Machine An-Ccd300

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Multipurpose Color & Glue Machine An-Ccd300

  • Moulded aluminium profile structure, beautiful appearance, strong consistency, mechanical parts are CNC machined to ensure the precision and consistency of parts. 
  • The standard assembly process, 100% strict machine calibration standards, to ensure the accuracy of the machine, 
  • High standard core components, stable and reliable quality, durable: Japan Shinano stepper motor, Japan's three stars ring timing belt, Taiwan PMI linear guide; 
  • Smooth and smooth, low noise when running at high speed. 
  • using the special assembly process of timing belt and motor, with the latest technology of Japan's synchronous belt, completely solve the tension and loosening problem of the synchronous belt after long-term use, 
  • Modular assembly process, each key component and key position can be dismantled separately, and the accidental damage can be quickly replaced. 
  • The use of imported brand folding belt shielded cable, so that the operation of the machine is even more worry-free, from the basic elimination of disconnection, lack of equal hidden dangers. 
Other Specifications
Technical Specifications
model 331 5331
Dispensing rangeX/Y/Z (MM) 300/300/100 500/300/300/100
Maximum load 10 kg 10 kg
Movement speed (mm/sec) 0-500 0-500
Decomposition ability 0.01 mm/Axis 0.01 mm/Axis
Repeatability ±0.02mm/Axis ±0.02mm/Axis
Program recording mode At least100,5000 pointsper group At least100,5000 pointsper group
Display method LCDteach pendant LCDteach pendant
Motor system Japanese micro stepping precision motor Japanese micro stepping precision motor
transfer method Timing belt/screw Timing belt/screw
Motion tween function 3 axis (any route in3Dspace) 3 axis (any route in3Dspace)
Input power Full voltageAC110V-220V Full voltageAC110V-220V
External control interface RS232 RS232
Dimensions 540*580*650 730*580*650
Body weight (kg) 48 KG 65KG
Glue Machine Parts:
  • Motor: Japan Shinanokemshi;
  • Driver: Yeko;
  • TAIWAN HIWIN linear guide;
  • Japan Omron photoelectric switch;
  • Transmission: Synchronous belt;
  • 30ml syringe;
  • Red wave switch
Description of Function
  • The handheld box adopts 320*240 high resolution colour screen, full Chinese operation interface, it is easy to use.
  • It has the painting point, straight line, multi-line segment, three-dimensional arc (spatial arc), round, rectangular, runway, coating, automatic corner rounding, irregular 3D spline curve and other graphical elements; rich handmade teaching function and graphical preview Function.
  • It has the condition al jump function, and the function of double MARK point rotation and needle alignment.
  • It has the function of break point executive function, can be executed from the specified point.
  • It has the function of area array replication, migration operation, batch edit, single-step operation, I/O input and output.
  • It has the automatic execution, automatic reset, output setting, and processing time timer.
  • It has four kinds of wire drawing processes options, which can solve the problem of drawing process.
  • Support DXF and PLT file import, automatic path optimization.
  • After action parameter editing is completed, through the serial port, download the action parameters to controller, then it can independently run. Action parameter can also be saved to a handheld box’s SD card, which is convenient to call; and it can make graphics copying and saving between the equipments.
  • The handheld box is equipped with 2G SD card which can store thousands of processing files, each file can support8000instruction,you can bring up to use.
  • The hardware has 4 gun channels for control, 4 general outputs, 8 inputs, 12 high-speed pulse outputs; and the accuracyofcontrolofdispensingtimeis1ms.
  • Each action command has independent glue opening delay, glue closing delay, gun retreat height, independent function of glue closing in advance and flexible batch modification function can improve the editing efficiency, and also can solve the problem of glue stacking.
  • Support batch modification of parameters according to the type.

1Controllerhardwarecharacteristics the number of shaft of the motor: 3shafts (XYZ) Pulse frequency: 100K IO port number: 8 dedicated inputs (XYZ origin point, start/pause, pause, reset/emergency stop button), 4 special glue gun outputs (4 glue gun switch controls, direct drive solenoid valve, driving current of 2A). 4 general I/O outputs, 8 I/O input, 12 high-speed "NPN open collector circuit" 5-24VDC outputs, ratedcurrentof0.5A. IO input type: auto coupler input. Storage capacity: 16M

Interface mode: DB44 interface Working voltage: 24VDC, Working temperature: 70 ? Storage temperature:-40 ? -70 ? Working humidity: 40%-80% Storage humidity: 0%-95%

2Characteristicsofhandheldboxhardware Interface mode: equipped with USB interface and serial port, USB port is used for connecting a computer. Serial portisusedtoconnectabox. Storage mode:configurethe2GSDcard. Displayconfiguration:theresolution of320*240,3.2-inch colour LCDscreen.

Product List
Hand held box Requisite 1 Operating Teaching
Controller Requisite 1 Motion Controller
SD card Requisite 1 2G Memory Card
Data Line Requisite 1 Connecting Lines
Wiring Board Requisite 1 Wiring Board

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