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Platform moving model
This machining center equipment racks stable base for the high thickness welded steel , the gantry body , the platform moves, structural stability . Large size gantry body, the body beam linear guide mounting portion is very large, the machine has high rigidity and stability , ensure the carriage and moving the tip portion of the Z -axis rapid and stable , without losing accuracy. Y-axis movement of the gantry run , working head to slide up and down in the Z- axis perpendicular to the direction of the tip portion may be about the B axis C axis.
The processing unit may face five -time workpiece without flipping or repositioned. Increase the work platform to meet the processing requirements of large parts of the machine is overloaded processing solutions , five pockets ATC spindle , 12 stand-alone magazine. Double work platform to meet the needs of different workpiece clamping . Configure the top of the control system of the corresponding speed , higher safety performance.
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Built-in shaft                   
  5 Axis 
X -axis trave
 2150 mm
Y -axis travel
Z -axis travel
A shaft 
C -axis
+/- 380 degrees
X -axis maximum axis velocity
Y -axis maximum axis velocity
Z- axis maximum speed
A maximum axle shaft speed 
 38 rpm
C axis Maximum axis speed
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