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JV400LX Series
  • Eco-friendly water-based ink
  • The World’s First White Latex Ink
  • 60? cold cure expands capability for various heat-sensitive media

       Feature of JV400LX

  • Newly developed high-speed print heads
  • High quality prints are made available by advanced technology
  • Nozzle Recovery Function
  • UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)
  • Eco-cartridge method

Advanced Mimaki Latex LX101

  • Wider color gamut by newly added orange and green inks. *
  • Clear and defined printing results due to the improved black ink density.
  • Improved print vibrance on most media.

      * Supported by RasterLink6 Ver.1.4 and later.

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Head On-demand Piezo head (Array of 2 heads in-line)
Maximum width 1,361mm (53.6") / 1,610mm (63.4")
Print resolution 600?900?1,200dpi
Print speed Draft 18.2?/h (1200×900dpi?6pass, bi-directional, 4 color)
Standard 11.0?/h (900×900dpi?12pass, bi-directional, 4 color)
Ink Latex ink LX101 4 color (C,M,Y,K) / 7 color (C,M,Y,K,Or,G + W) *White ink is LX100
Ink supply system 600 ml ink pack (LX100 white ink is for 220 ml ink cartridge)
Media Width Up to 1,371mm (54.0") / 1,620mm (63.8")
Weight Up to 25kg (55.1 lbs)
Roll diameter Up to φ180mm (7.1")
Inside roll diameter 2-3 inch
Print aspect Inside / outside
Cutter Y-direction cutter after head section
Drying device 3 way intelligent heater (Pre/Print/Post)
Ventilation fan unit, Drying heater
Media take-up device Roll take-up device, inside/outside selectable
Interface USB2.0
Applicable standard VCCI class A, FCC class A, UL 60950-1
CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage and Machinery directive), CB Report
Power specification AC 100~240V±10%(Automated voltage conversion)
Power consumption 100 - 120V 1,440W × 2
220 - 240V 1,800W × 2
Operational environment Temperature: 20°C-30°C (68-86 °F);
Humidity: 35-65 % RH (non condensing)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 2,634×854×1,435mm / 2,879×854×1,435mm
Weight 216kg (476 lbs.) / 231kg (509 lbs.)

*600 ml ink pack requires eco cartridge (OPT-J0237).
Eco cartridges can be used repeatedly by replacing ink packs.

Ink set

C M Y K Or G
C M Y K Or G W
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