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H230 is a laser marker with integrated system of galvo scan head and XY linear rails designed for versatile industrial use and achieves highest productivity. Equipped with easy-to-use G-Mark Software, H230 delivers the most cutting-edge marking system and provides an all-in-one solution for your business needs.

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H230 C-Series I-Series
Model Number C12 C30 C60Ti F20RMZ F20SHS F40HHS
Laser Source CO2 Fiber
Wattage 12W 30W 60W 20W 40W
Max. Work Area 23.6 x 16 in.(600 x 400 mm)
Scan Area (mm) 60/140 70/110
Dimension 48 x 34.8 x 13.9 in.(1220 x 885 x 1352 mm)
Cooling Air-cooled
Drive AC Servo Motor
Speed 2000 mm/s (marking)
Z-Axis Travel 210 mm, Automatic
Computer Interface Standard printer port and USB 2.0** port
Systems Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista(32/64 Bit) / 7(32/64 Bit) / 8(32/64 Bit) (Desktop or Laptop PCs)
Memory Buffer 32 MB standard
Display Panel LCD panel display
Speed 2000 mm/s (marking)
Safety Class 2 Class 3R
Operation Voltage 200-240 Volt AC
Facility Requirements
Power Consumption 400W 720W 1730W 2430W
Air Exhaust System External exhaust system is required, one 4" connection on the back of the machine


C Series H230-C12 H230-C30 H230-C60 Ti
Scan Area (mm) 60x60 140x140 60x60 140x140 60x60 140x140
Spot Size (mm)) 0.2 0.27 0.21 0.28 0.26 0.34
Max. Part Height (mm) 150±2 100±2 150±2 100±2 150±2 100±2


I Series H230-F20RMZ H230-F20SHS H230-F40HHS
Scan Area (mm) 70x70 110x110 70x70 110x110 70x70 110x110
Spot Size (mm)) 0.027 0.043 0.022 0.034 0.044 0.07
Max. Part Height (mm) 184±2 124±2 184±2 124±2 184±2 124±2

*Speed does not equal to throughput. See dealer or visit www.gccworld.com for more details.
** File transmission at USB 2.0 Full Speed rate.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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