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CF2 Series

The CF2 Series flat bed cutting plotter capable of cutting various kinds of media with high accuracy without dies. Out of a total of 30 kinds of line-up, you can choose the one best suited for your needs. By cutting the printed media, you may produce high value-added products on demand required. Begin multi-type small-lot production with unprecedented high quality.

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  CF2-0912** CF2-1215** CF2-1218**
(Sensor model)
1,170mm(46.1") 1,470mm(57.9") 1,770mm(69.7")
(No sensor model)
1,200mm(47.2") 1,500mm(59.1") 1,800mm(70.9")
Y 900mm(35.4") 1,200mm(47.2")
Motorization X,Y,Z,θ 4 axes DC software servo
Maximum plotting speed 50cm(19.7") / s
Maximum acceleration 0.5G
Mechanical resolution X:0.00234mm(0.00009") Y:0.003125mm(0.0001") θ:0.05625
Command resolution 0.025mm(0.001") / 0.01mm(0.0004")
(changeable from operation panel)
accuracy *1
Repetition accuracy ±0.1mm(0.004")
Distance accuracy ±0.1mm(0.004") or ±0.1% whichever is greater
Origin repetition accuracy ±0.1mm(0.004")
Maximum thickness of set work T / TD:25mm(1") RT / RC:20mm(0.8")
Work fixation Air suction by a blower
Receiver buffer size 1MB
Command MGL-IIc3(Support MGL-IIc) *2
Interface RS-232C
Dimension Width 1,760mm(69.3")
or less
or less
or less
Depth 1,600mm(63.0")
or less
1900mm(74.8") or less
Height 1,100mm(43.3") or less
Weight 140kg(308lbs) 165kg(364lbs) 180kg(397lbs)
Operation environment Temperaturet : 5-40ºC
Humidityt : 35-75%(Rh)No condensation
Power requirement Main Unitt : 50/60Hz AC100/120/220/240V(tap changing)
Blowert : Stated separately
Power consumption Main Unit : 300VA Blowert : Stated separately

*1 Accuracy written with a pen where the load is almost non-existent. Guaranteed temperature range is 20 to 25 ºC.
*2 A command based on HP-GL.

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