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Laser Welding Machine


  • Autofocus system (optionally)
  • Motorised x/y/z and R travel
  • Teach-In function
  • Direct Lasersource
  • Up to 150 kg table load capacity

Cost effectiveness meets ergonomic design

The rising demand for inexpensive laser welding solutions for very small series or individual parts motivated us to develop a new laser welding system.

This laser welding system technology is for individual needs and especially for start-ups. In addition to our own practical experience, we also implemented suggestions from our customers. The practically oriented operation of the laser welding system offers sufficient user comfort for efficient laser welding.

Continue reading to learn about all the new developments and form your own opinion on our laser welding systems for sale.

ECO laser system: Uncompromisingly cost-efficient

This new development offers an inexpensive introduction to laser welding, particularly for start-up companies and young entrepreneurs who are making their first steps in the field of laser welding. Of course, this laser welding system is also suitable for experts who would like to expand their welding capacities.

It is small and compact, can be quickly readied for use, and is extremely precise in order to satisfy rising user requirements. This includes the custom manufacturing involved in professional tool- and die-making.

No compromises were made on the laser welding systems in the area of user comfort in particular. The motor-controlled table (X/Y/Z) with a carrying capacity of 150 kg allows axis-synchronous laser welding. This is also possible with four axes in connection with a motorized rotary axis.


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